There is a wide variety of fan art, ranging from paintings to cartoons to graphic art. Several websites across the internet display an extensive collection of community art. Here are a few of the most well-known and popular fan art websites.

Fan ArtEdit

F*** Yeah Star Trek Fanart posts all kinds of Trek and fan art. Most of it is fan art and craft art, although some of the art portrayed is just a creative interpretation of Star Trek. Anyone can contribute to this website.
Star Trek Fanart Tumblr focuses more on the individual Star Trek characters. Their art ranges from sketches to paintings to hipster interpretations. Most of the art on the page is very modern.
Star Trek Deviant Art has art divided into different categories:, including ST: The Original Series, ST: Movies, ST:Ships, ST:Voyager, ST:Enterprise, and more. 
Holy Taco: 25 Mildly Ridiculous Pieces of Star Trek Fan Art focuses on very creative and unusual interpretations of Star Trek. Most of the art is modern and inspired by classic TV shows, such as the Flinstones and Pulp Fiction.
Fanpop gathers fan fiction from across the internet. The art include sketches of ST movie stars and even caricatures.

Other Fan Art WebsitesEdit

Geek Bomb

Geek Tyrant


Matt Ferguson

Star Trek: Fan Art Pinterest

The Mary Sue

Trek BBS

Trek Initiative User Fan ArtEdit