Many fan clubs have arisen, dedicated to Star Trek throughout the world. These organizations include the following:

Organizations - InternationalEdit

Fleet 31

A free-to-join Star Trek fan club best known for high quality costumes/props as well as a friendly, helpful attitude. Fleet 31 aims to provide a family for Star Trek fans everywhere, furthering the ideals of the Federation through action, whether at a convention or charity event, or in day-to-day life.

International federation of trekkers
International Federation of Trekkers

Began on June 1, 1984 - the same day that Star Trek III: Search for Spock opened the theaters. Originally based out of Cleveland, Ohio - the club has since continued to spread globally.

Klingon Assault Group

This non-for-profit Klingon organization prides itself on its openness and the fact that they do not collect dues. Promotion within this organization are based solely on the person's involvement and commitment to the community. Members of KAG attend fan conventions, help with charity, march in parades, and participate in a wide variety of costume contests.

Starfleet Logo

Existing for over thirty-years, Starfleet allows Star Trek fans ways to meet each other, give back to their communities, and continue the dream of "live long and prosper."  Starfleet celebrates it's birthdate as May 6, 1974.

United Federation Starfleet

Founded on January 12, 2006, UFS has grown from a roleplay only group in the virtual environment of Second Life to become an international non-profit fan organization. Join or create a chapter in a city near you, or experience the opportunity to live the dream and actaully be a Starfleet officer in one of our many virtual environments (Second Life, UFS Grid, 3rd Rock Grid, STO, etc). Membership is free, so join today!

United Federation of Planets, Galaxy Command

We want YOU! Do you want to role-play as a Starfleet officer on your own ship in a 3D game like Second Life? Do you want to start your own chapter in the real world? Membership is free. The people are fun…and the role-play is amazing! The UFPGC has been around in some form or another since 1987. In 2009, the group was brought into the 3D virtual world of Second Life to give members another way to enjoy the Star Trek universe they all love. Today, we have members from all over the world. Join Today !

Organizations - AfricaEdit

Organizations - America, North & South incl. CanadaEdit

Starfleet Command
Starfleet Command

Known as one of the oldest Star Trek fan clubs. This organization began in 1974 and now encompasses five national regions throughout the United States and Canada. Starfleet Command attempts to promote the ideas brought forward in Star Trek.

Starfleet Command's Seventh Fleet

A family of Star Trek friends also known as "The Seventh Fleet". Launched in 1998 by four chapters in Utah, this Star Trek Parent Organization has started expanding new chapters in various states. This no-dues organization is involved with community service, costuming, fan films, conventions and more.

Acadêmia da Frota Estelar do Rio de Janeiro

A AFERJ foi fundada na data de 31 de outubro de 2004, pelo Henrique Gonzaga e Julio Reis, amigos de longa data. Hoje Almirantes Fundadores, administram e coordenam os trabalhos e eventos.

Organizations - AsiaEdit

Organizations - AustraliaEdit

Organizations - EuropeEdit

Starfleet Command

Britain's longest-established Star Trek fan club, still going strong - the "Home Fleet" boasts thirty-five years of continuity and is home to Units and members from all across the British Isles and beyond. SFC also maintains a strong web presence with Starbase Europa and the U.S.S. Sovereign and a well-received series of Web Competitions.

Trekkers in Southern Sweden

TSS is one of the three active Star Trek fan clubs in Sweden. Since its beginnings in December of 1996, it has shown movies and episodes (not just Star Trek, but also other science fiction), been active at the Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film convention , arranged bbq's and many other social activities. Every year it publishes four issues of CronoWatch, the small newspaper for members.

West Coast Trekkers

WCT is Sweden's first and biggest Star Trek fan club and have shown Trek series and movies on large cinema screens in Gothenburg, Sweden since 1996. There are many activities during the gatherings besides watching Star Trek on cinema, there's also competitions, fan made costume challenges, the classical Star Trek quiz, as well as fan art exhibitions. Contestants can win nice prices regulary sponsored by local companies.

Organizations - Middle EastEdit

Organizations - South PacificEdit

Fan Club Individual ChaptersEdit

USS BlackHawk

USS Black Hawk, NCC-75004-A, Black Hawk Subclass of the Sovereign Class Starship, is actually a Star Trek Fan Club affiliated with STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc., and acts as the Flagship of the Twelfth Fleet, also known as STARFLEET Region Twelve.

USS Chicago
USS Chicago

A chapter of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. USS Chicago is based out of Homewood, IL and meets on the third Sunday of every month at The Zone Comics on Dixie Hwy.

USS Corsair

A chapter of STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. USS Corsair is based out of Baton Rouge, LA and meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at EBR Library on Goodwood.

USS Las Vegas
USS Las Vegas

The USS Vegas is a Las Vegas, Nevada based Intrepid class ship. All Las Vegas area Star Trek fans are encouraged to join and participate.

Uss nosferatu
USS Nosferatu

The USS Nosferatu is a Social/Fan club that operates out of Polk County, Florida. Not just a fan club we believe in helping out in the community with various things such as Food drives, Toy for tots, helping the homeless and much more.

USS Phoenix NCC-00692

Welcome to the Maquis Forces International Caribbean Division, PR / We are a Star Trek Fan Club Dedicated to The Maquis, We are Located in the Main Island of Puerto Rico. Everyone is Welcome to Join Our Group and be part of The Few! The Proud! The Maquis! Visit us on Facebook.

USS Tucson

Launched as a small Skeleton crew In central Tucson/ SOuthern Arizona with the desire to meet other Fans and Talk Trek. Where everyone is Welcome. Meets Last friday of Every Month. Everyone is welcome.

IKV Widowmaker
IKV Widowmaker

On the IKV Widowmaker, which is the party ship of the Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors 4th Fleet, we welcome all the aspects of the Klingon Way. This club is based out of Orlando, Florida.

Organizations - Online/VirtualEdit


Founded in 1991 and moved to the internet in 1999, Alt.StarFleet.RPG is an online Star Trek role-play writing club made up of more than 75 writers spread across 14 units set within 3 distinct "timelines" (50 years Post-TNG, Alternative Reality, and distant future). Here we continue Gene Roddenberry's story-telling legacy, weaving adventures set on a variety of intrepid starships, frontier starbases, and strange new worlds. We offer loads of collaborative writing talent, hilarious side banter, and the promise of fun memories for years to come.

Star Trek Databas

Star Trek Databas (STDB) is a Swedish Star Trek fansite and internet community with close to 1000 members. The site was created in by Joakim Karlsson in 2003 to combine and replace the two previously existing websites Star Trek: Voyager Databas and Star Trek: Enterprise Databas.
STDB maintains a database of Star Trek knowledge and publishes Trek-related news articles. For the past five years, they have awarded the Suecica Astrum Erratus Praemium to persons and groups who have promoted Star Trek's spirit in Northern Europe.

For a list of fleets, see Fleets.