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Star Trek Dominion Excerpt: "Brushes with death were not exactly uncommon for Captain James T. Kirk. Sometimes he felt that Starfleet should have included it within his job description since it became a near daily occurrence and didn't seem to faze him after a while..."
Star Trek: Starfinder Summary: The Odyssey class U.S.S. Starfinder is about to launch on her maiden voyage. She is to herald a very bold experiment- her Captain is not a living being, but a very advanced self aware AI programmed with the experience and tactical skill of dozens of Starfleet’s finest commanders.
The New Frontier Summary: Hayley and Mikaela have been friends since they started Starfleet Academy together. They've done everything together, so they're thrilled when they're assigned to the same starship. That is until all hell breaks loose...
Through the Looking Glass Excerpt: "It's days after the Narada incident, which destroys an entire planet and murdering almost six billion lives and the same attempt on Earth, when Rose finally wakes from a fever induced state. The strain of mono that she'd caught almost two weeks previously, progressed into something wicked that felt like death was near. When she finally comes to, Leonard is standing over her bedside with a PADD in one hand and bloodshot eyes...."

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