Trekkies, prepare to get your read on with our links to Trek Fanfic sites! Feel free to add any others you know.


Ad Astra - A general Star Trek fan community. Offers "a welcoming environment to read or contribute, by providing a friendly enclave in which to discuss, publish, and collaborate."
Memory Gamma icon
Memory Gamma - Very large collection of fanon ideas including new stories, characters, technology, races and more. Well organized, and easy to navigate.
Orion Icon
Orion Press - Founded in 1979, Orion Press's website features a collection of vintage, out of print fanzines and stories based on the original Star Trek series.
Trek Fan Fiction icon
Trekfanfiction - Large collection of Star Trek fanfiction from assorted Star Trek timelines and series. Stories are organized by show, timeline, and universe. Includes crossover stories as well.
United Trek
United Trek - "United Trek is a group of fan fiction writers who came together on TrekBBS and who have decided to share our characters and storylines to create one unified, yet at the same time diverse, setting existing within the universe of Star Trek."

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