Fleet ListEdit

Links to Trek roleplay fleets. Feel free to add any not included. For more roleplay links, visit Role Playing. For Fan Clubs, see Fan Clubs.

95th Fleet

"We are an Star Trek RPG Simming fleet based turning the time of tribbles and James Kirk! The Year is 2251 (12th April 2008) and a new fleet is born! With the ever growing expansion of Starfleet and the colonies of Earth; Starfleet Command decided that more defenses was needed to defend what was really starting to develop the "Federation." After appointing the Commander in Chief, the fleet started to grow forming the first Task Force."

Beta Fleet

"Beta Fleet Was started in the year 2006 by Benjamin Washington, Gen. Alex Toren, James Williams & T'oQ. Our Mission: To provide conditions of friendship and mutual respect for all. To ensure an organization that is free for all. To supply a fun and safe environment for all our members. To go where know one has gone before. To provide everyone, without regard to race, color, ancestry, age, sex, or any other consideration membership to this group.

Fleet 31

"Fleet 31 is a Star Trek fan organization that seeks to further Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a better future of humanity by seeking to uphold the principles of Starfleet, as well as by giving back and reaching out to the community through volunteer charity work and community service."

Horizon Fleet

"Horizon Fleet, A Star Trek simulation organization. Horizon Fleet is home to 22 Star Trek simulations, 2 Task forces, exclusive Fleet Academy training program, Advertising department, Department of Personnel & Awards, and Judge Advocate General. Simming options include Play by E-mail(PBEM), Play By Bulletin Board (PbBB), Play By Web (SMS), and Play By IRC."

Lima Fleet

"Lima Fleet was started a year ago May 20th 2007 by Steven Kesler, Fleet Admiral Kira Phaserman, and Admiral Praxis Hardfighter. We started with independent SIMMS and brought them together to form a community and home for our ships. Soon we had other ships joining us needing a home port. Since then we have become home to many ships and the staff work together as not only a team but a big family."

Seventh Fleet

"Basically we are a family of Star Trek friends that are fans but not fanatics. In fact a lot of our members prefer the term Trekkers over Trekkies. One of our main goals is to develop new friendships and to help our communities in the spirit of the 24th Century. We are set up in the format of a fleet of starships such as those seen on the various Star Trek series, however we also emphasize that the only real ships are friendships."