Whether you are a graphics enthusiast or a Trekker looking to satisfy the inner geek, this is the place for you. Here is where art and info collide to create the most extensive collection of Star Trek infographics online. See one that stands out? Let us know! Leave feedback and vote for your favorites in the comment section below.

Star Trek NavigraphicEdit

A brand new infographic for Star Trek has been created, but an interactive one where you can travel within different enterprises to see the differences and similarities in Star Trek's technologies and todays. 

It is too large to embed it on here, so you can access it here: Star Trek Navigraphic

Star Trek MoviesEdit

Which Star Trek character are youEdit

From Citrix Trek yourself out

A Brief History of Star TrekEdit

From A Brief History of Star Trek

15 things you didn't know about Star TrekEdit

From 15 Things you didn't know about Star Trek

Star Trek random factsEdit

From ST Random Facts

The Science of Star TrekEdit

From and GeeksAreSexy Science of Star Trek

Star Trek & MarketingEdit

From neomam Star Trek and Marketing


From Treknology

Star Trek technology is just around the cornerEdit

From Star Trek just around the corner

Shuttlecraft GalileoEdit

From Shuttlecraft Galileo

Star Trek Predicting the FutureEdit

From Star Trek Future

Star Trek UniformsEdit

From CostumeSupercenter Star Trek Uniforms

Mirror MirrorEdit

From Mirror Mirror

Star Trek FranchiseEdit

From visualoop via Mike Wirth Star Trek Franchise

Captain's LogEdit

From visualoop Captain's log

Star Trek deviantartEdit

From Mitchell Lazear Star Trek deviantart

Analytics according to Captain KirkEdit

From Matt Bailey According to Captain Kirk

Star Trek TOSEdit

From Star Trek infographic

Star Trek TOS RussianEdit

From Natalya Platonova Star Trek in Russian

Star Trek in GreekEdit

From Star Trek tanea


From Khan Infographic

Into DarknessEdit

From Into Darkness Infographic

Spock & KirkEdit

From Spock & Kirk

Star Trek vs Star WarsEdit

From Star Trek vs Star Wars

Star Wars vs Star Trek Ship FirepowerEdit

From Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Trek vs Star Wars TechnologyEdit

From and GeeksAreSexy Star Trek vs Star Wars Technology

Star Trek Movie CurseEdit

From blogspot Star Trek Movie Curse

Enterprise ExposedEdit

From Enterprise exposed

Sci-Fi ThemesEdit

From visualoop Sci Fi Themes

Time Travel in FilmEdit

From visualoop Ttime travel in film

Sci-Fi Superfan reference manualEdit

From Sci-Fi Superfan reference manual

Vehicle Speed ComparisonEdit

From Vehicle speed comparison

Geeky Growth ChartEdit

From geekydad Geeky growth chart