This page is dedicated to other fan projects, which includes any project relating to Star Trek, excluding podcasts, fan fiction, and fan films.

Fan ProjectsEdit

STFF Star Trek: Final Frontier - Star Trek: Final Frontier takes places in the future of the Star Trek universe, approximately 150 years after the last events seen in the Next Generation era. This setting allows us to draw from Star Trek's rich past, but also to establish a new continuity that viewers can enjoy without detailed knowledge of decades of Star Trek history.
Enter New Starship - New Starship Enterprise Bridge Restoration is nonprofit foundation created to completely restore one of the Paramount created Enterprise-D bridge sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation, so it can be displayed to the public and turned into an Interactive Museum attraction.
Fedfit Federation Fitness - In relation to addressing the long-term health and fitness services needs of the citizens within the borders of the United Federation of Planets, the Star Fleet Secretary of Health and Fitness Services for the citizens of the UFP shall develop and coordinate a fleet and an inter-planetary program for all Star Fleet personnel and UFP member species to enhance their physical activity and sports participation.
Rodden The Roddenberries - Philadelphia’s own premiere Star Trek tribute band/multi-media-performance experience forged to explore strange new venues, seek out new fans and new cabaret cultures, and BOLDLY go where NO Star-Band has gone before!
W11 Warp 11 - Torn Starfleet uniforms, polished rock guitars, and powerful sci-fi lyrics can only mean one thing - Warp 11, America's premiere sci-fi rock band. Founded by Captain Karl Miller in the early part of the 21st century, Warp 11 redefined the genre through hard edged original music, unmatched lyrical wit, and outrageous live shows that match anything from other so-called rock super-stars.
Ssrlogo Subspace Radio - A 24/7 internet based radio station dedicated to Star Trek, gaming, and sci-fi. With 30 DJs and having been around for three years these guys aren't going anywhere. SSR attends various conventions throughout the year and has a very active community. Music ranges from dance, rock, and classic rock, with a little country sprinkled in from time to time.
ShadowFleet Shadow Fleet - A play-by-post role-playing game (RPG) where members can create and develop their very own Starfleet character while participating in community discussions. With several fully crewed ships to chose from, from small scout ships to larger cruisers, Shadow Fleet offers a truly diverse and dynamic role-playing environment like no other.
Red Shirts poster (2) Red Shirts the Series - A comedy webseries inspired by the original Star Trek series that follows three lowly crew members on board the ISC BICHON, the finest spacecruiser in the Interplanetary Space Union, as they try to survive the pitfalls of their day-to-day lives, on-board romance and, most of all, away missions. While not specifically a parody, Red Shirts is set in a familiar world filled with surprises.   

Risa  - is a Star Trek social media website which allows fans to connect with other users and post about anything and everything Star Trek. Share your thoughts, memories and stories with Trekkies.

Other Star Trek Fan ProjectsEdit

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