Worf Chronicles

"The Worf Chronicles" is the tentative title for a potential new Star Trek television program that Trek legend Michael Dorn has been developing and pitching to Paramount/CBS. It is been referred to as "Captain Worf" by the fan community.

The premise revolves around Worf in a position of command in the Klingon Empire. It would deal their struggle to hold on to their ways while making progress, integrating with the Federation.

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On April 25 of 2015, journalist Dan Deevy announced the #WeWantWorf campaign. Deevy has championed the project with two interviews with Dorn previously, the second of which inspired his Mini-Muffin fueled #WeWantWorf campaign that will take place from May 1st to May 31st.[1] Recent concerns have been raised about the legality of the campaign and what is being done with the funds raised. The campaign appears to be selling merchandise using Star Trek characters without permission and has not disclosed any details about funds raised or how they will be spent in years. The efforts of the campaign seem to be solely focused on selling merchandise. Some have questioned why small amounts of money from fans would be needed to help greenlight a major television production.



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