There are many unique crafts designed and created by Star Trek fans. Check out our gallery of crafts and the list of links to different Star Trek craft projects!


Spocktopus Geek Crafts is a website dedicated to Star Trek crafts, such as a needlepoint Spock, an embroidered portrait of Captain Kirk, and a Spocktopus (a Spock inspired stuffed octopus). 
Glue Guns and Phasers is a web series and convention workshop hosted by Brandi Clark and Mary Czerwinski. Brandi and Mary are podcasters and Star Trek fans who met at the annual Star Trek Las Vegas convention. They share two loves, crafts and Trek. Glue Guns and Phasers was created by
Star Trek Craft Book is a comprehensive guide to make your own Star Trek crafts. Click to purchase.
Star Trek Crafts Pinterest is a board dedicated to Star Trek crafts that you can make yourself at home. Make Star Trek cookies, pillows, pin cushions, and more with step-by-step guides.
Crafster lets users update their own Star Trek crafts. Make a Star Trek dress or create your own Communicator badge with felt. Upload your own crafts if you want to share them with the public.
Etsy allows users to sell and display their own Star Trek inspired crafts. Click to buy.

Other Star Trek Craft projects and How-To'sEdit

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