There are many different kinds of food and alcoholic beverages featured in Star Trek. Each race has different dietary restrictions and preferences. Read about recipes you can make at home, Star Trek themed cookbooks, and even packaged Star Trek foods you can buy over the internet! Prepare to be tantalized as no taste buds have been before!


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Serious Eats is a website that features food and recipes from the different races, including the Vulcans, Romulans, and Orions. Learn how to make Romulan Bloodwine or Vulcan Plomeek soup.
Yahoo describes all of the different kinds of foods that each race likes to eat. Klingons like to eat gagh and Heart of Targ. Counselor Deanna Troi likes to eat Powder Tavorkian cake. Click to read more!
Star Trek Food Replicator is a Pinterest page that tries to create all of the Star Trek foods from scratch. There is a photo gallery board for each different race. Click to read about their experiences making the food and for the actual recipes.
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Star Trek Cookbook is the official cookbook of the Star Trek series. Click to buy it online.
Official Star Trek Cooking Manual is available for purchase online. It is an extensive paperback book.
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Do Life Right offers complete menus for Star Trek parties and banquets. All of the food is inspired by Star Trek.

Food & Drinks You Can BuyEdit

Romulan Ale 
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Tea, Earl Grey, Hot