If I was going to list the things I expected to see at Creation's Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, Anthony Montgomery doing the Harlem Shake with a crowd full of people would not be on that list. Yet that's exactly what we got today in a panel with Anthony, who starred as Travis Mayweather in Star Trek: Enterprise; and Connor Trinneer, who starred as Charles "Trip" Tucker III in Enterprise. Anthony had only just heard of the Harlem Shake phenomenon a little while before the panel, and he realized that there was no Star Trek Harlem Shake—until now. True to form, he quickly and enthusiastically got the crowd ready to do the Harlem Shake. What were the results? Check it out here:

Connor was filming it on his phone (while a DJ played the song), so he wasn't in the video—but hundreds of other Star Trek fans were. It was a lot of fun to watch, and I can say for sure that we just went where no Star Trek convention has gone before.