Series veteran John Byrne is returning to the Star Trek fold with the release of an extra-length Star Trek Annual, set to arrive this december from IDW. By using a uniquely constructed series of photos, Byrne has essentially created an entirely new story that plays out like something of a lost episode. This "photonovel" will be titled "Strange New Worlds" and will serve as a direct sequel to "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the third episode of the original series' first season, and a fan favorite.

A press release elaborated on the plot and how the project came to be:

Years ago, James Kirk saved his ship, but the price was the life of his oldest friend in Starfleet—or was it? Fans will see Gary Mitchell’s story take a surprising turn in this story. But the uniqueness of this project does not end with the plotline; rather, it continues with the photomontage art form that Byrne has chosen to tell this original story. Star Trek photonovels, in which a book was created by adapting a film or television episode using actual film stills in place of traditional artwork, with narrative text and dialogue presented in word balloons, were popular in the late 1970s. But this is where the past becomes the future—Byrne didn’t just insert film stills, he created them. In order to tell a new Star Trek story in this “fumetti” style, he did much more than pluck existing images, instead compositing together multiple pieces of film stills and manipulating them to tell the exact story he wanted.

Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall promises that readers have "never seen this kind of Star Trek comic from [James Byrne] before.” Check out a gallery with the cover and an inside page below:

Star Trek Annual 2013, a 48-page issue, is under license by CBS Consumer Products and will be in stores third week of December.

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