McFarlane Toys revealed at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 that their license will cover all the old movies and shows. They will be articulated enough to sit in command chairs, though it's unclear how and when the chairs will be available. Each figure comes with a really nice looking black base, which is a relief. They appear all around superior to the Art Asylum/Diamond Select line, the only downside is the McFarlane line is very stingy in the accessories department comparatively. Each one only comes with three things tops, with a focus on weaponry rather than equipment like tricorders. (Gene's dispersed energy is facepalming) There will also be a TOS Kirk variant with the casual green wraparound V-Neck, which is my preferred look. Of course the standard "gold" shirt paint application is nowhere near complex enough, not a hint of green in it but this is to be expected.

They hope to do EVERYTHING

"I want to do the President of the Federation with his pompadour and his Fu Manchu. I want to make Wesley Crusher with his little game. I want to make Porthos. I want to make everything for you guys."

Clarence Boddicker

"This President is not above the law."

If the initial products do well, then they plan to pursue the possibilities to the fullest. This is pretty exciting considering the breadth across their Walking Dead and sports figures. One can only hope to see non-uniform looks like a Kolinahr Spock in the coming years. MT also plan to release some 10-inch deluxe unarticulated figures, starting with Kirk covered in Tribbles sitting in his command chair for 35 bucks.

Diamond Select dropped the ball, canceling their amazing Kruge figure was the biggest WTF moment of all time. Hopefully McFarlane will do the key movie villains early on. You know you want a 10-inch deluxe Sybok on a blue unicorn.
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