One of the things I have always been proud of is the way my mother and father interacted with the fans and admirers of Star Trek. The rapport was always based in a mutual appreciation for the role each person played in its success. I remember going to conventions and, while some actors would scurry off to the green room after their scheduled stage or signing time, my mother and father would often take extra time to interact with show attendees. It was from my parents that I learned about the mutual loyalty and shared appreciation that I wanted to bring to my own relationship with the viewers. It is both my hope and my intent for Trek Initiative to continue this family tradition.

The idea was simple. Living in a world of global digital communities, we wanted create a Star Trek-centric Website that encourages, promotes and provides the opportunity for community. The question was: How? There are many amazing Websites that delve deep into the history of and news on Star Trek. Some of these sites are highlighted within our community. But it was important to me and everyone involved that this be something different, something more.

Trek Initiative is a singular online destination where fans can not only gain valuable information that is the Star Trek franchise, but also find information on groups and activities within the realm of Star Trek that they can take into the real world and be a part of. For people who want to go beyond just learning about Star Trek, Trek Initiative is meant to be an easy first-stop in forming whatever kind of connection you want within the larger Star Trek community. And the best part of is that, thanks to our partnership with Wikia -- a passionate leader in nurturing fan communities -- Trek Initiative truly is FOR the fans, BY the fans. The site not only provides information about segments of Star Trek fandom, the endeavor itself is an exercise in community because so much of the content comes from those who are passionate and love the series.

I hope that through your participation in Trek Initiative you give the same opportunity to the rest of the world.

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