Greetings, fellow Trek Wikians!

The folks over at Fallout Wikia have secured an "Ask me anything" style curated interview with DS9 actor René Auberjonois!. As Chief of Security Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Auberjonois spent 7 seasons entrenched in the world of Star Trek and it's expansive universe, only missing 6 of DS9's 173 episodes. He has also directed many episodes of the series. Prior to assuming the role of Odo, he appeared as Col. West in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, although his scenes were initially cut for the film's theatrical release. In addition, he made a guest appearance as Ezral in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Oasis".

This is a great opportunity to bounce some questions off a Trek fan favorite, so please be sure to jump over and submit yours in the comments HERE!

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