Gene and Majel
On April 21, 1997, a Celestis spacecraft carrying a portion of the cremated remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was launched into Earth orbit aboard a Pegasus XL rocket from a site near the Canary Islands. On May 20, 2002, the spacecraft's orbit deteriorated and it disintegrated upon entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Montgomery Scott, 2267
Now, an ambitious new project is planned which will return more of Gene's ashes to space, along with those of his beloved wife Majel, as well as those of James Doohan - the actor who portrayed Scotty in the original series, and legendary sci-fi author Sir Arthur C. Clarke. This new project aims to "boldly go" beyond Earth’s orbit, and out into deeper space.

On board Celestis’ Sunjammer Solar Sail Mission (named after Clarke’s similarly-named story), which will launch from Cape Cod in November 2014, the celestial passengers are expected to orbit the sun between Venus and Earth, after traveling 3 million kilometers towards the sun. This will be Celestis’ first launch into deep space.

Sunjammer A Mission Of Purpose

Sunjammer A Mission Of Purpose

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