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Majel & Gene Wdding Picture

Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett were married in Japan on August 6, 1969 in a traditional Buddhist-Shinto ceremony. Though their legal wedding was actually a simple civil ceremony on December 29th of that same year (Gene's first marriage was not yet dissolved), they considered this to be their "real" wedding. Five years later on February 5th, 1974, they welcomed the arrival of their first child, Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, Jr., known affectionately as "Rod."

Roddenberry and Barrett remained married until his death in 1991, and you probably already know that some of his ashes were sent into space. The beloved Majel Barrett-Roddenberry passed away December 18, 2008 in her Bel Air home. She died peacefully, in her sleep, and was surrounded by family and loved ones. While the internet as we know it today was still in its infancy at the time of Gene's passing, in 2008 there was a massive outpouring from fans and celebrities across all corners of social media.

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