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To show our appreciation for the community here on the Trek Initiative (this means you!), we will be releasing exclusive material from the Roddenberry Entertainment archives.

Here is this week's release, we hope you enjoy it!

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Gene Roddenberry's vision of a future in which mankind has reached a level of peaceful coexistence included a desire to incorporate historical events into the Star Trek universe. This can be seen throughout Star Trek: The Original Series episodes and beyond, and sometimes led to his interacting with people who were involved in the real-world space community. This letter - dated October 25, 1977 - is a prime example of one of these interactions. In it, Gene requests the use of an existing JPL model of one of NASA's Voyager probes (Voyager 1 was launched by NASA on September 5, 1977) for use in a story treatment written July 31, 1977 by Alan Dean Foster, entitled "In Thy Image." Originally intended for the Star Trek sequel series that never came to fruition, Star Trek Phase II, this model went on to become the core on which the V'Ger entity - that we know from Star Trek: The Motion Picture - was based. Although the craft that V'Ger was shown to have been spawned from was Voyager 6, at the time they could not have known that only two Voyager probes would ever be built and launched.


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