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To show our appreciation for the community here on the Trek Initiative (this means you!), we will be releasing exclusive material from the Roddenberry Entertainment archives.

Here is this week's release, we hope you enjoy it!

ENT Ship Model Appvd
Click image to expand - almost 9 times larger than displayed here!

Seen here is an image of the final approved CGI model of Enterprise NX-01 from Star Trek: Enterprise designed by long-time Trek contributor Doug Drexler. This was the first starring ship in a Star Trek series for which the development of its design was aided by CGI. It was also the first Star Trek main ship to be depicted without the creation of a practical model, as no practical studio models of Enterprise were ever made for the series. Drexler originally favored a slightly bronze tint for Enterprise's hull, but this coloration was altered after the approval CG model of the craft was sent to Foundation Imaging, to be refined into the high resolution production version of the ship.

Drexler also had a refit concept for the series progression of Enterprise that was never used on the show. In his blog (no longer available online) he explains: "My idea was that at the end of the fourth season, the ship would put into drydock for a major refit." "After four years, out there, dealing with unknowns, it would be time to upgrade the ship based on everything they had learned."

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