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To show our appreciation for the community here on the Trek Initiative (this means you!), we will be releasing exclusive material from the Roddenberry Entertainment archives.

Here is this week's release, we hope you enjoy it!

Gene 29 Appvd

After the cancellation of Star Trek: The Original Series, Gene Roddenberry stated that he was "perceived as the guy who made the show that was an expensive flop" and that because of this he "couldn't get work." With a $2,000/month alimony obligation from his 1969 divorce, he began to support himself largely on the college lecture circuit and with science fiction convention appearances. Roddenberry's sci-fi convention appearances often included a viewing of the Star Trek blooper reel (much to the dismay of Leonard Nimoy, who felt that Roddenberry's overuse of the material cheapened the fans' view of the series), a black and white print of the first Star Trek pilot that included scenes excised from "The Menagerie" (Part I and Part II), and his thoughts on the future of mankind.

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