Contributions and momentous occasions of note by Xean

2013-8-21- Created Flickr Page.

2013-6-21- Created Infographics page, establishing the largest Star Trek infographics collections online with over 25 infographs culled through extensive research. Updated Trek in the News page on STI and pages on STO wikia.

2013-6-20- Created Map page in TIw. Edited and added cover photo to Fan Fiction page.

2013-6-13- Edited Star Trek Online page in STOw.

2013-6-6- Edited pages in Pure Science and Star trek online wikias. Edited wikia's Entertainment category to remove a duplicate link.

2013-6-6- Successfully created first page, Automotive, on Trek Initiative; with slideshow, links and text. Edited text in Trek in the World category page.

2013-6-5- Organised and added cover photo to Trek In the News page. Also added cover photo to Merchandise page. Added first successful video link to the Trek video section, Star Trek Into Darkness Lego Trailer.

2013-6-5- Added links to the Trek Crafts, Art, Merchandise and In the News pages.

2013-6-5- Created first slideshow link gallery as header for the Trek Technology page.

2013-6-4- Rearranged and added over a dozen links, plus added page subcategories Star Trek Technologies and Discussion Boards to the Trek Technology page.

2013-6-3- Adds Star Trek Microheroes to the Wikia Star Trek comunities list, after referral by CaptainRichB.

2013-6-1- Does first page subcategory addition: Star Trek Retrospect, with first 4 links, in the Trek in the world: Social page. Also adds cover photo and Star Trek in the 1970's link.

2013-6-1- Adds first links: Star Trek tractor beams and Star Trek replicator to the Trek in the world: Technology page.

2013-5-31- Performs first text edit: the opening paragraph of the Star Trek: Into Darkness movie page.

2013-5-28- Writes first blog post Welcome to Wikia: Tips for new arrivals, for the Community Central wiki.

2013-5-28- Creates and uploads first contribution on the Star Trek Initiative wiki, a cover image for the Top Ten page.

2013-5-28- Officially becomes member of Wikia after an unexpected offering of support by Xean and other Wikia Staff and volunteers leads to the creation of XEAN on Wikia.

2013-5-19- First contact with Wikia representative, also by the name of Xean. Efforts begun to establish in Wikia, considered least likely place for succeeding in establishment.