StarTrek Warp50 Logotype R5
In 2016, Star Trek will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Wikia's Trek Initiative will be launching a branded two-year campaign: "Warp 5.0: Fandom's two-year Trek toward sci-fi's golden anniversary." The campaign will consist of several programming initiatives (things like Star Trek-themed Qwizards and Showcases with celebrity talent, a massive character bracket tournament, a fan film contest, etc.) and will incorporate presences at several live events over the course of the two years. We're kicking the campaign off with "Fan Census" recorded at this year's official Star Trek Vegas Convention.

There will be more events celebrating Star Trek as we move towards its 50th anniversary, so check in and join us as we look back on what has made Star Trek fandom what it is today and look forward to where it will go from here.